An Uncommon Experience

November 07, 2016

Several unique features are built into Front & Cooper. First of all, our beer and wine, with the exception of sparkling wines, are served on tap. Here’s why:

  • Kegged wine is less susceptible to over-oxidation and temperature variations, ensuring its served under proper conditions.
  • We’re able to serve smaller tasting pours without worrying about waste.
  • We offer a variety of serving sizes to suit different customer’s needs. From tastings, to flights, to large carafes, we’re able to satisfy all occasions and group sizes.
  • We’re environmentally friendly. Kegged wine eliminates 26 bottles and the 39 pounds of packaging waste from boxes, foil wraps, corks, and labels. Each keg put into service keeps 2,340lbs of trash out of landfills over its lifetime, reducing our carbon footprint by 96% - the equivalent of taking a car off the road for two years!

Second, we serve our most popular cocktails on tap, made fresh daily, in large batches, making them consistent, and tasty. This means you get your drink quicker and with a consistently higher quality than other bars. Of course, libations that require special ingredients, attention, or processes will be hand-crafted to order.

Be sure to check us out when we open in Spring of 2017!

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